Paul George Injury Sheds Light on Summer Hoops

As much as I love basketball any time I can get it, the gruesome Paul George injury raises some questions about NBA players participating in USA basketball. I understand that these guys want to play for their country but Paul George gets paid millions of dollars to play for the Pacers during the NBA season. Hypothetically, as an owner, would you want to see your star and $90 million player breaking his leg in a meaningless international scrimmage? This injury could start a trend as to who actually decides to play for team USA in the future.



Yet again, I got my emotions into a trade deadline for the MLB. The Pirates were reportedly in on David Price and Jon Lester. The result? We ended up with neither player.

The Pirates are sitting in second place in the NL Central, 2 games back of the Brewers for first place. The Cardinals are…

It’s frustrating because I want to win now but it seems like the franchise is preparing for the future. It really stings now that ‘Cutch is going to be out for a month…



The Pirates are far from a perfect team, and they really aren’t close to winning a World Series this year. We need help to get to this point.

My top needs for the Pirates:

1. First Base - Gaby Sanchez and Ike Davis have done next to nothing this season, and we’re finding ourselves in the same…

I agree with all your points. One thing that stands out for me regarding the trade deadline: the Pirates need an ace. I understand the need for bullpen help and a new first baseman but we need a guy that wins every time he pitches. The cardinals (wainwright), reds (cueto), dodgers (kershaw), nationals (Strasbourg) etc. all have pitchers that are consistently great. You need that guy in your rotation that guarantees a chance to win every time he steps on the mound. David Price anyone? I know he’d be expensive and come with a serious cost of prospects, but we’d gain his rights for the remainder of this year and all of next year. Just a thought.


Kobe Bryant never went to college but he has repeatedly said he wants to go back and get a degree in marketing. He’s done a great job in his career at building his own brand.


Josh Harrison Rocks!


I love this guy. He may not be the most talented or skilled guy out there, but there is never any quit in Josh Harrison. He reminds me of playing ball when I was a kid, giving it all you had no matter what. That rundown today against the Rockies and the the clutch homer were just incredible. I don’t know how long he’ll last in the big leagues, but he is by far my favorite player to watch. HFor me he is what baseball is supposed to be about, having fun!

Totally agree. Harrison is such a fun player to watch. His scrappy/underdog approach is really refreshing to watch in any professional approach. I wish all players had that kind of mindset when they step out onto the field.